"Drones can do things more safely and easier than a lot of what we do today, Drones are already revolutionizing our lives. We're excited to bring this technology to our business and improve the customer experience as a result."
Allstate Vice President
Shawn Broadfield

"Funding for venture-backed drone companies in the U.S., China, Europe and Israel hit a record in 2015, Lora Kolodny reports for Dow Jones VentureWire. The startups raised $855.3 million in funding through Dec. 22, according to industry tracker Dow Jones VentureSource. Venture-backed drone companies received $94.4 million in funding in all of 2014."



Dubai is now home to a trash-eating `shark` drone
A shark prowling the coastline is normally a worrying sight, but this waterborne drone terrorizes floating trash instead of people.
Esan Swan

Drone created by UT-Austin student aids campus water conservation
If students see a drone flying through the sky around the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, it means UT is looking for ways to improve water conservation on campus.
Gracie Awalt
The Daily Texan

China’s AVIC trials Venus solar-electric UAV
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has successfully conducted the maiden flight of a 20 m wingspan technology...
Kelvin Wong
Jane`s 360

These tiny drones can lift 40 times their own weight
Researchers were able to open a door using the FlyCroTugs drones.
AJ Dellinger

DJI Improves Drone Geofencing
Facing tighter FAA regulation on recreational drone use, the world’s leading manufacturer of the vehicles, China’s DJI...
Mark Huber
AIN Online

Parrot Announces New Mapping and 4K Video Drone Solutions
Parrot has announced the release of two new drone platforms, the senseFly eBee X and the Parrot ANAFI Work.
Mike Rees
Unmanned Systems Technology

Novel flying robot mimics rapid insect flight
A novel insect-inspired flying robot...
Delft University of Technology
Science Daily

Drone Army Is Ready to Swoop in for Florence Power Recovery
With the remnants of Hurricane Florence continuing to deluge the southeastern U.S....
Naureen S. Malik

Underwater drones track Hurricane Florence’s trajectory
WHEN HURRICANE FLORENCE makes landfall on the North Carolina coastline this week...
Eric Niler

Flying Dragon Robot Transforms Itself to Squeeze Through Gaps
DRAGON can change its shape to move through complex environments and even manipulate objects
Evan Ackerman
IEEE Spectrum

Chip Upgrade Helps Miniature Drones Navigate
Low-power design will allow devices as small as a honeybee to determine their location while flying.
Jennifer Chu
MIT News

Uber`s New Aerial Taxi Concept Looks Like the Spruce Goose of Flying Cars
Uber unveiled a new design for its futuristic “aerial taxi” at the second annual Uber Elevate conference today.
Matt Novak

Researchers develop virtual-reality testing ground for drones
Training drones to fly fast, around even the simplest obstacles, is a crash-prone exercise that can have engineers repairing or replacing vehicles with frustrating regularity.
Jennifer Chu
MIT News

These self-flying drones keep a constant eye on your business
When Ran Krauss co-founded Airobotics in 2014, he wanted to help miners, farmers and port managers get better data about their businesses.
Samuel Burke and Andrew Greiner

Company plans drone to carry 400 pound payloads
A Canadian company says it has started development of a drone that will be able to deliver packages that weigh up to 400 pounds.
Fox 5 NY
Fox 5 NY