Law Enforcement


South Korean drone traffic police in action
More then 100 traffic offenders were caught on the first day of deployment
Kang Aa-young

Drones to Become Part of Policing in St. Louis, Mo.
The St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners last week approved the use of the technology under limited circumstances.
Christine Byers
Government Technology

Dallas police hope to be flying drones by 2019 — and here`s why they say you shouldn`t be afraid of that
The Dallas Police Department wants to use drones to help fight crime, but first, police want the City Council to back the aircraft.
Dana Branham
Dallas News

Chula Vista Police Using Drones To Respond To 911 Calls
Chula Vista Police are employing a new type of first responder — drones.
Matt Hoffman

Colombia could use drones to fight cocaine production
Colombia`s police could start using drones to tackle a five-year surge in cocaine production that has jeopardized relations with the United States.
Manuel Rueda

Drones Helping Stockton Cops Catch Violent Crooks, Seize Guns
An attempted murder suspect and a few firearms are off the streets thanks to a single police drone.
Jennifer McGraw
CBS 13 Sacramento

How police can justify a drone acquisition to the public
Helping your community understand how unmanned aerial systems can improve public safety is key to overcoming public resistance
Tim Dees

She pointed a gun at police and asked to die; they used drones to intercede instead
Burdened by mounting health, job and family troubles, a Florida woman took to the road and headed north from her Cocoa Beach home, police say.
Clarence Williams
The Washington Post

How Is a Drone Like a Dog? Ask a Cop
Four years ago, Alameda County, California’s purchase of two drones for use by law enforcement was controversial. Now, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department has six drones, and their use is routine.
Tekla S. Perry
IEEE Spectrum