"As Founder and Publisher of DRONELIFE I am often asked about investing in drones. I understand and appreciate the enthusiasm associated with this question. And as you might guess, I share this enthusiasm. In a piece I wrote over a year ago, Drones – It feels like 1983, I compared the current drone environment to the introduction of the personal computer. We all know how that played out. Five of the largest twenty corporations today (as defined by market-cap) emerged from the birth of that industry. So if you believe that the drone industry represents a similar investing opportunity..."
Alan Phillips



Drones to the rescue!
Drones now promise to improve mobile and internet connectivity and emergency services
Mary-ann Russon

From Gaming To Emergency Response: Menashe Haskin, Edgybees
If you ask today’s guest, he would surely say...
Drone Radio Show
Drone Radio Show

SlantRange and Microsoft Partner on Scalable Crop Analytics Solutions for Agriculture
SlantRange and Microsoft have announced a partnership to bring new enterprise-scale data analytics to agriculture through the integration of the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge into SlantRange products.
Slant Range
Slant Range

Drones to deliver vaccines in Vanuatu in world-first trial
Drones will take delicate drugs to dozens of remote villages in test that could be replicated around the world
Eleanor Ainge Roy
The Guardian

Rwanda extends contract with Zipline for drone deliveries
Rwandan government has extended the contract with the US-based robotics firm known as “Zipline” that...
APA News
Journal du Cameroun

Flirtey eyes Reno deliveries by 2020 after first multi-drone test milestone
The drone delivery age is coming in less than two years and Reno will have a front seat.
Jason Hidalgo
Reno Gazette-Journal

Impossible Aerospace wants to revolutionize drones, then aircraft
A new drone startup comes out of stealth with the promise of two-hour flight times for professionals.
Sean O`Kane
The Verge

Intel mini drones make indoor light show debut
It may not be the 1,200 drones that transformed into snowboarders and the Olympic rings for the Winter Games earlier this year...
Sasha Lekach

In the future, potholes could be repaired by asphalt-printing drones
Driving on roads covered in potholes is no fun. At best, it can make your ride bumpier and less enjoyable.
Luke Dormehl
Digital Trends

Workhorse now making residential deliveries with HorseFly drone..
For some customers in the Cincinnati area, their packages are now being dropped on their doorsteps – literally. Workhorse, the FAA and city of Loveland, OH, are testing a pilot drone package delivery program.
Brian Straight
Freight Waves

Autonomous Helicopter Delivers Operational Cargo to US Marines
Aurora Flight Sciences has announced that its Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS) has successfully delivered cargo to US Marines in the Integrated Training Exercise...
Mike Rees
Unmanned Systems Technology

TECDRON launches Sentinel UGV
TECDRON has launched a new technical assistance and fire-fighting UGV called Sentinel, the company announced on 15 May.
The Shepard News Team
Shepard News

Exyn Technologies and Velodyne LiDAR Create Fully Autonomous Indoor Aerial Vehicles
Collaborative effort proves the business case of 3D LiDAR, sending autonomous navigational technologies into perfect flight
Business Wire
Business Wire

I launched a blood-delivering drone
Some drones deliver burritos, this one delivers blood
Rachel Becker
The Verge

EagleRay amphibious fixed-wing drone is at home in sea or sky
As the old saying goes, there`s plenty of drones in the sea, and of course the skies are full of them too.
Michael Irving
New Atlas

Amazon’s delivery drones could hitch rides on trucks to save power
Amazon’s drone delivery plans have been well documented, and while the company might argue that it now has the technology in place to launch such a system...
Trevor Mogg
Digital Trends

Major aircraft makers going drone
Bell staked a claim as the first helicopter maker to exhibit at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, and joined a growing list of manned aircraft manufacturers working to make pilots optional.
Jim Moore

AUSA 2017: AeroVironment upgrades Puma for heavier payloads
AeroVironment has undertaken a number of upgrades to its Puma and Raven unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including strengthening the Puma’s airframe, updating the datalink, adding new avionics, and integrating a new infrared (IR) sensor.
Geoff Fein
Jane`s 360

Innovative drone delivery concept DelivAir delivers right to your hands
Drone deliveries are in the weird position of seeming both totally futuristic and also old news...
Luke Dormehl
Digital Trends

HIGHEST SO FAR! Mavic Pro Extreme Altitude: 4592 Meters [15,065 ft]
Video capturing the event...
The Drone News
The Drone News