Drone Repair
Going back to the manufacturer for repairs is always the first option, but it can take some time - DJI is reported to have a lead time on repairs of several months. A quick Google search for 'drone repair' will help you find repair shops to help you, and you may be able to find someone in your area. Here are a couple of examples:

DroneFly - dronefly.com
Atlanta Hobby - atlantahobby.com/
Drone Doctor - dronedoctor.com

Drone Insurance
It is now possible to get protection for your UAV. Drone accident coverage is now available from the AMA, ISO, and AIG. Here are some links with more information:

UAS (Drone) Insurance...Protect Your Bottom Line - digitalaviators.blogspot.com
You Can Now Buy Drone Insurance From AIG - gizmodo.com
Insurance Industry Addresses Drone Risks - dronelife.com

Drone Warranties
Neary Aerial Media is a company that offers extended warranty service contracts for UAVs. You can visit their web site at Neary Aerial - neary-aerial.com

Legal Assistance
Here are two attorneys that offer legal services specifically for drone operators:

Fox Rothschild LLP - ontheradar.foxrothschild.com/
Texas Drone Lawyer - txdronelawyer.com



Wine Fest Drone Show Ends in Wine Fest Drones Crashing Out of Sky
It began as a festive display to delight all assembled: Huge LED formations of fanciful wine bottles and Champagne flutes lighting up the sky...
Wine Spectator
Wine Spectator

Some law enforcement drones are dropping out of the sky
The U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority is cautioning police departments and other emergency services to suspend operations of a specific drone model after some of the devices lost power unexpectedly and fell while in flight.
Taylor Hatmaker
Tech Crunch

Swiss tourist says Times Square drone stunt was an accident
A Swiss tourist said Tuesday that he was flying by the seat of his pants when his drone took off and smashed a Times Square window.
Elizabeth Elizalde and Leonard Greene
New York Daily News

Drone Crashes Inspecting Cracked Window At Sinking Millennium Tower
The aerial inspection of a cracked window at San Francisco’s tilting Millennium Tower...
Da Lin
CBS SF BayArea

Army UAV falls near Komotini, northern Greece
A Hellenic Army unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fell near Komotini, northern Greece, on Thursday morning, it emerged.

Journalists Start Using Drones to View Immigrant Detention Camps After Government Blocks Entry
Reporters are regularly being denied access to America’s concentration camps along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Matt Novak

Pilot at Dallas Love Field Avoids Collision With Drone
A drone came dangerously close to air traffic at Dallas Love Field on Sunday evening, forcing a medical helicopter to take evasive action to avoid a crash.

Drone near-miss with commercial flight given highest risk rating
Commentary: UK authorities say that a drone passed a mere 20 feet over an Airbus 319 during takeoff.
Chris Matyszczyk

Charleston helicopter accident could be 1st drone-caused aviation crash in U.S.
A low-flying helicopter that crashed on Daniel Island could land a spot in aviation history if investigators confirm its pilot’s account of what went wrong.
Thad Moore
The Post and Courier

Dramatic drone rescue of 2 Australian swimmers billed as a first
Email In what’s being billed as the world’s first, a drone helped to rescue two swimmers today caught in the surf off an Australian beach.
Rashid Haddou-Riffi

Man Charged After Drone Hovers Outside High Rise
(CBS) – A Chicago man faces misdemeanor criminal charges after a camera-equipped drone was seen hovering outside a residential high rise.
CBS Chicago

Buzz overhead leads Border Patrol to make San Diego`s first drone drug-smuggling arrest
The buzz of a motor overhead at nearly 11:30 p.m. was the tip-off.
Pauline Repard
San Diego Union-Tribune

Drone near-miss at SFO points to emerging danger for airplanes
The SkyWest Airlines passenger jet began descending below the 500-foot level toward San Francisco International Airport’s runway 28R when the pilot saw an alarming sight: what looked like a drone passing just 20 feet directly below the plane’s nose.
Benny Evangelista
San Francisco Chronicle

Kentucky governor says news station drone invaded privacy
I think of Kentucky as the home of drone warfare.
Chris Matyszczyk

Drone, jet too close for comfort above Newark, N.J.
The FAA is investigating after air traffic controllers saw a drone near a jet that was landing at Newark Liberty International Airport.
John Bacon
USA Today

Drone carrying cell phone, marijuana crashes in prison yard
A drone that crashed into the yard at Washington State Prison was loaded with cell phones, tobacco, oxycodone and marijuana, a Georgia Department of Corrections spokeswoman said Wednesday.
Rhonda Cook

Charges dismissed against drone operator who documented protests
Criminal charges against a well-known drone operator, who documented the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, were dismissed Monday at the request of the prosecutor
Caroline Grueskin
Bismarck Tribune

Drone causes Gatwick Airport disruption
A drone flying close to Gatwick Airport led to the closure of the runway and forced five flights to be diverted.
BBC Sussex

Police: Suspect posted photos from drone in Arizona wildfire
Email A man accused of flying a drone over a major Arizona wildfire posted the aerial photos on his website, authorities said Saturday, leading to his arrest for hampering firefighting efforts against the stubborn blaze...
Sally Ho
ABC News

Low flying drone gets wiped out by WRC Yaris
Drones can be fantastic things and thanks to this intelligent tech, we can now capture some amazing footage of cars that simply wouldn`t have been possible before...
Poddy Mallett