"This is crazy, You can take these drones and, with a 3D printer, make them out of explosives. They're very dangerous and they're advancing pretty quickly."
CNN analysts Bob Baer
August 2015

"This is all very wrong. These things need to be identifiable, even when they're in the air. And their owners ought to be required to take a safety course and get a license before they fly. You shouldn't be able to go on the web, make three clicks and - with no training whatsoever - buy a product that could threaten public safety. That's only true for drones. And of course, in some states, handguns."
Gail Collins
New York Times
October, 2015

Drone Disdain


Drone complaints in 2017 double from 2015, with most cases involving restricted areas, Hong Kong authorities say
Figures revealed as a three-month public consultation is under way with officials considering proposals to strengthen and refine legislation
Christy Leung
South China Morning Post

Apple cracks down on drone pilot who shoots epic Apple campus videos
Sally French
Market Watch

Father Knocked Down an Unwelcome Drone
A family in the Breiðholt neighbourhood in Reykjavík were recently shocked to see a camera drone flying outside their living room window.
Gunnar Jónsson

Civilian oversight group tells L.A. Sheriff`s Department to ground its drone
In its first nine months, the $10,000 device has hovered over hard-to-reach spots in Los Angeles County, searching for gunmen and missing people...
Maya Lau
Los Angeles Times

Drone-catchers emerge on a new aerial frontier
The enemy drone whined in the distance. The Interceptor, a drone-hunting machine from Silicon Valley startup Airspace Systems, slinked off its launch pad and dashed away in hot pursuit.
Stephen Nellis
Yahoo! News

Oklahoma state bill would let property owners shoot down drones
Federal law says it`s illegal to shoot at aircraft, including drones.
Cyrus Farivar
ARS Technica

Gunslinging Woman Chases Drone After It Starts Filming Her Home
Was the drone violating her privacy?
Nina Golgowski
Huffington Post

Woman grabs gun and shoots at nosy neighbour`s drone | Daily Mail Online
A woman lost her temper at a nosy neighbour`s drone and aimed a gun at it to make it buzz off.
Alice Evans
The Daily Mail

Flagler Beach Is Proposing Draconian Restrictions and Prohibitions on Drones
“I got a call from a resident about a drone hovering over her backyard,” Flagler Beach City Commission Chairman Jane Mealy said at the commission’s Jan. 12 meeting. “She was very unhappy about that. I don’t blame her."

Video Shows Man Taking Down Drone With a Well-Aimed Medieval Spear
The relationship between those who fly drones and those who don`t has sometimes been a rocky road to equilibration…
Alex Cooke